• Model No.:WJ-30VWR
  • Certification: CE 
  • Made In Taiwan

Compact model for produce Chapati, Roti, Naan, Pita bread
Wheat Tortilla Making Machine

Chapati Oven bakes the best quality with the natural wheat aroma and flavor.
It produces 10 pieces per minute of 10 to 30 cm diameter Chapati.
It is manufactured in stainless and has frames of chromium plate gates.
It provides with fire-resisting glass. Has an automatic feeder that leads as a carrousel.
Provide a series of movement perfectly synchronized to make the machine more efficient.
It is designed for restaurants, self service stores, industrial dining rooms, taco shops and tourist villas.
Machine size: 300 cm length, 120 cm width and 150 cm height. Weight: 450 kg. With
1 Hp motor, 220 Volts, three phase.