Model No .: WJO-801
Certification: CE
Made In: Taiwan

Key Features

Tunnel Oven model WJ-2000 bakes Lavash, Chapatti, Pita bread, Naan and Tortillas.


Tunnel Oven bakes the best quality with the natural wheat aroma and flavor.

It can toast 900 -2000 pieces perhour of 10 to 30 cm diameter Lavash, Chapatti, Pita bread, Naan, Tortillas and Corn tortillas.

It is manufactured in stainless steel. Speed and temperature adjust available.

It is designed for Industrial facility, self service stores, industrial dining rooms, taco shops and tourist villas.


Has table tortilla size, burrito size, Lavash size until 10″.

  1. It carries a solenoid valve for securityand control of gas.
  2. 3 layers slat belt conveyor.
  3. Low maintenance, high resistance equipment
  4. This equipment for cooking the tortilla.
  5. An oven integral automatic control ofheating units.
  6. It can bake Lavash of wheat flour,“Flatbread”,“Naan”,“Chapatti”,”Lavash” , “Tortila” of the highest quality.
Main Export Market

Europe ,Middle East ,North America ,Oceania ,South America,Asia ,Africa