Model No .: WJF-301, WJF-302, WJF-501, WJF-502, WJF-602, WJF-603
Certification: CE
Made In: Taiwan

Key Features

Oil can be screened continuously, food won’t be stained.
Automatic control to quantity of oil, together with spare of oil supplying tank.
Conveyor can be rise and fall for easily clean.
Special design to oil soot collecting, filthy oil will not seep through back.
Oil temperature and flow speed can be certainly controlled.
Frying time can be adjustment.
Indirect heated, quality of food is stable, so food shelf-life can be extended.
Fuel can be chosen as: diesel, heavy oil or gas.
Automatic fire lighting, keeps detect system the oil pressure, and secure safety of operators.
Whole machine is made by stainless steel.

Production capacity : 100 – 1000 KG per hour.

Main Export Market

Europe ,Middle East ,North America ,Oceania ,South America, Africa ,Asia