Model No .: WJF-501, WJF-502, WJF-602, WJF-701 
Certification: CE
Made In: Taiwan

    • ALLAN’s unique banana plantain chips continuous fryer designs help you produce the products of the best quality.
    • Continuous oil circulation through the fryer, filter and heat exchanger provides the precise control of temperature and quick adjustment while changing the amount of the products.
    • Oil inlet maintains stable oil flow to clear the product in feeding area without
    • creating back eddies or undercurrents.
    • Fryer metering paddles and a submerge conveyor help to control cooking time for
    • consistent and uniform products.
    • Superior oil quality, Low oil volume and rapid oil circulation assure the freshness of the product with a long shelf life. Oil level is maintained automatically.
    • Easy cleaning: Clean-in-place (CIP) spray nozzles in the hood and exhaust stack
    • help clean all oil circulating areas. Circulating cleaning system circulates the cleaning water and Sodium bicarbonate following the same path as cooking oil, thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all areas.
    • Self-locking motorized screw jacks raise the hood, paddles, and submerge conveyor, giving the complete access to the frying bed.
    • Friendly design for easy operate and maintenance.
    • Pressure switch to check frying oil pressure inside the piping.
    • Emergency STOP button on both sides for safety operation.
    • AII motors are provided with overload protector for safety operation.
    • PLC touch panel. Use water proof control box to protect electric components.
    • Oil can be screened continuously, food won’t be stained.
    • Automatic control to quantity of oil, together with spare of oil supplying tank.
    • Conveyor can be rise and fall for easily clean.
    • Special design to oil soot collecting, filthy oil will not seep through back.
    • Oil temperature and flow speed can be certainly controlled.
    • Frying time can be adjustment.
    • Indirect heated, quality of food is stable, so food shelf-life can be extended.
    • Fuel can be chosen as: diesel, heavy oil or gas.
    • Automatic fire lighting, keeps detect system the oil pressure, and secure safety of operators.
    • Whole machine is made by stainless steel.
    • External heat exchanger energy up to 1,200,000 KCAL per hour.


  • Our machine is of the best quality and CE certified, reasonable price and great exterior and interior. We have developed a long-time business relationship with our client from everywhere pf the world.