• Model No.:WJO-101
  • Certification: CE
  • Made In Taiwan

The oven makes high quality corn tortilla and corn chips to enjoy the natural aroma and flavor of wheat., Tortillas. Save install place, Save labors, Save energy. CE CERTIFIED
Tortilla Oven WJO-101, It is designed for industrial mass production. Customized available, production capacity from 100 KG to 500 kg per hour.


  1. Has Tortilla chips triangle size and round size.
  2. It carries a solenoid valve for security and control of gas.
  3. 3 layers wire mesh belt conveyor.
  4. Low maintenance, high resistance equipment
  5. This equipment for cooking the tortilla chips.
  6. An oven integral automatic control of heating units.
  7. Construction material:  #SUS304