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The oven makes high quality corn tortilla and corn tortilla chips to enjoy the natural aroma and flavor of wheat., Tortillas. Save install place, Save labors, Save energy. CE CERTIFIED
Tortilla Oven WJCO-450, It is designed for industrial mass production. Customized available, production capacity from 100 KG to 500 kg per hour.


  1. Production capacity: 100-450 kg per hour
  2. Electronic ignition and gas security button
  3. Automatic Electronic ignition pre-mix combustion system with gas security solenoid valves.

4. Energy: Natural Gas or Propane, for natural

gas system

  1. External combustion blower.
  2. Conveyor assembles

utilizing mesh belts with friction drive rollers and

adjustable spring tension take-ups independent

from either side.

  1. All three conveyors are driven by a single AC inverter-controlled motor

and gear reducer. Honeywell control system.

A remote speed adjustment is provided on the control panel.

  1. Automatic independent temperature control for each layer.
  2. Infrared burners on the top. Ribbon burners are arranged

to provide uniform heat under each conveyor belt.

Total energy 200,000 to 900,000 Kcal/hr. for different production capacity.

  1. Exterior walls use Stainless steel. ( #SUS304)

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